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Boot up Raspberry Pi

1. Put your Micro SD card into Micro SDCard slot on Raspberry Pi.

2. Plug-in HDMI cable to monitor and then plug in Micro HDMI port to Raspberry Pi.

3. Plug-in LAN Cable to Raspberry Pi RJ-45 Port for internet connection.
***** Raspberry Pi 4 has WIFI embedded you don’t need to connect with LAN Cable.
***** For Raspberry Pi 4 user we recommend you use WIFI because easy to control and you can place Raspberry Pi 4 anywhere without LAN cable need.

4. Plug-in USB Keyboard, Mouse into Raspberry Pi USB port.

5. Plug-in USB-C 5V/3A Adapter to Raspberry Pi (USB-C Port) and then switch it on.

6. Check on your monitor screen waiting for Raspbian OS boot up. When Raspbian ready you will see the welcome screen it’s mean your Raspbian ready to setup.