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Prepare for Install Raspbian OS on Raspberry Pi

When you need to install OS for your Raspberry Pi you must prepare your hardware first.

Raspbian OS it’s the most famous for Raspberry Pi because of this OS fork from Debian GNU/Linux. If you already use Debian, Ubuntu it’s not to hard to use Raspbian OS. Raspbian OS support for all Raspberry Pi version. Ok now please check your hardware list before install Raspbian OS.

1. Raspberry Pi 4

First of all, you must have Raspberry Pi 4 for install Raspbian OS. Raspberry Pi 4 price it’s cheap and the same Raspberry Pi 3, when the price is the same you must choose the newer version of your Raspberry Pi. If you buy Raspberry Pi 4 you can choose memory options 1GB, 2GB, 4GB it depends on your work. I choose 2GB memory options because I think it’s ok for my work on IoT, Web Server, IP Camera.

2. Micro SD Card

Raspberry Pi requires Micro SD Card to store your OS. We recommend you choose 32GB or more because 32GB you can deploy your work and a lot of services on your Raspberry Pi. You can store log and debug for more than 1 year. If you are afraid about full space you can choose 64GB.

3. USB-C Adapter 5V/3A

Raspberry Pi 4 requires more power than the older version you can buy this adapter on Ebay or Aliexpress. I buy this adapter from Aliexpress and working on it for about one month this adapter it’s ok. If your adapter can’t effort 5V/3A output power your Raspberry Pi will send you an error about low voltage alert. It’s mean you must change your adapter ASAP.

4. HDMI Cable and micro HDMI Adapter

Raspberry Pi 4 uses 2 micro HDMI port for your video. If you have HDMI cable you must buy micro HDMI Adapter for plugin to your Raspberry Pi 4 and send video to your monitor or TV screen when you install Raspbian OS. After you install Raspbian OS on your Raspberry Pi you can remove all of HDMI cable out and you can manage your Raspberry Pi via Shell remote, VNC Viewer and another kind of remote software without a monitor.