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Setup Raspbian OS

1. When you see the welcome screen it’s mean now you ready to set up your Rapsbian OS.
You can proceed to the next step by click on “Next” button.

2. Set your country and then click “Next” button.

3. Change your password for user “pi”. Don’t forget your default user for an account to Raspberry Pi it’s “pi”. You can use this “pi” user to login SSH, TTY Shell, Desktop Screen. When you complete setting your password click on “Next” button.

4. If you use Raspberry Pi 4 you can use WIFI connection for this step, select your SSID and click “Next” button. Then enter your WIFI password and then click “Next” button.

5. If your WIFI password correct and your Raspberry Pi 4 can connect to the internet on the right top screen your WIFI icon will appear with a blue icon. Right now you can use your Raspberry Pi 4 connect to the internet and you can remote back to your Raspberry Pi 4.

6. Update Software screen show up you can click on “Next” to update your Raspberry Pi 4 or “Skip” if you not ready to update yet. Don’t worry about this update because you can update it later from your shell command anytime.

7. Setup Complete you can Restart your Raspberry Pi 4 and now you ready to do a lot of things on this Raspberry Pi 4.